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The Girl Watcher

“While scouting for springbok in the Zoogo regions, I chanced upon a gaggle of teen-age pygmies tattering at a water hole. The native chieftain, noting my interest, later gave me a pair of 19 inch girls as a gift. Is it cricket for a Girl Watcher to own one? Will I lose my amateur standing, if I hold specimens in captivity?”


Colorization Using Optimization

Colorization is a computer-assisted process of adding color to a monochrome image or movie. The process typically involves segmenting images into regions and tracking these regions across image sequences. Neither of these tasks can be performed reliably in practice; consequently, colorization requires considerable user intervention and remains a tedious, time-consuming, and expensive task.


Add Wi-Fi to any digital camera with the Eye-Fi SD card

We all know the hassle of transferring pictures from our digital cameras to the computer. Furthermore, when we want to upload them to an online service, it’s even worse. There’s no automation for lazy people like yours truly. It’s one of the reasons why I take most of the casual snaps with a phone: phone pictures automatically get uploaded and organized on my hard drive as soon as it enters Bluetooth range.


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Japan Camera

Carrying around the SLR camera can be a pain at times due to the size. I’d rather carry my Ixy Digital 900 IS but the lens is kinda crap compared to the SLR. I was thinking that there must be some sort of adapter available for digital cameras which allowed a better lens to be attached and came across these.


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