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Google Maps Adds Support for the hCard Microformat

Microformats “are simple conventions for embedding semantics in HTML”. Microformats let you publish contact cards, events, addresses using a standard so that any software that implements the standard understands them. If publishers used microformats for contact cards and your browser could parse them, it would be easy to save that information and export it to another application.


[Via Google Operation System]

Google Launches MyMaps

Tonight Google launched MyMaps. It adds the ability to create and share maps directly from Google’s site (you can see a map that I created above). These maps will be added to Google geoindex and will be available to search in Google Earth and in Local Search. These maps will be syndicated via KML; support for GeoRSS syndication is coming (not surprising given that GeoRSS can be consumed by these maps – Radar post).


[Via OReilly Radar]