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Poodle doodles: Dogs are transformed into pandas, horses and even snails in a barking mad grooming craze

They may resemble pandas, buffalos and camels – but these animals are actually poodles, all competing for the title of top dog at ‘creative grooming’ shows across the U.S.
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Make music with veggies

The “Vienna Vegetable Orchestra” turns your average fruit and veggie dinner into a noise making masterpiece. Above are some pictures of the “Carrot Recorder”, “Cucumberphone”, “Leek Violin”, and “Pepper Trumpet”. The group was founded back in 1998 by a bunch of non-vegetarians who just got together and started jamming in their gardens. Best of all, after a concert, the group dinner is already taken care of.

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Matthew Clowney’s most recent series of work, Families, consists of portraits of today’s typical families: atypical. There is a social context, therefore. But the photographs also display an eerie boldness, as though the families are saying to the viewer, “This is who we are. What of it?” The camera catches the individuals in the act of being captured in a photo moment; they are not relating to one another or interacting. But it is a moment all the same: of who we are as we choose to present ourselves. Viewing these photos once is not enough; the viewer is repeatedly drawn into the scene. (Also interesting to note that Matthew Clowney was once assistant to Tina Barney.)


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O homem que voa

Em outubro coloquei um post sobre um maluco chamado Loic Jean Albert, um cara que saltava do helicóptero e voava com seu wingsuit rente a montanha (não viu? Pára tudo e vê). Pois bem. Agora Loic volta em outro video, que começa com um depoimento seu explicando que o tal salto já tava ficando meio boring e que agora ele vai fazendo umas curvinhas. Pode?


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