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Lego Ice Cube Tray

The amazing ice sculpture from Okomoto Studio that we had at our recent party for the 50th episode of Cool Hunting Video left us all wanting to express ourselves in a frozen medium. Luckily the design geniuses at Lego are a step ahead. The Lego Ice Cube Tray makes ice cubes with the classic Lego brick shape. Whether you are building a scale model of the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden or simply building the perfect cocktail the Lego Ice Cube Tray is available online for $7.99.


[Via Cool Hunting]

Nine Volt Candle-Lamps Let Mechanical Engineers Get Romantic

Combine the 9V battery from your kid’s RC racer and a LED-based candle and you get something that feels at home in a fancy restaurant as well as on your dining room table. Just a design for now, but these 9-volt candle dealies are pretty sweet, and we’d love to get our hands on a few here for Romance Thursdays here at Gizmodo HQ.


[Via Gizmodo]