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Nokia 5230 the most affordable Nokia touchscreen phone yet

Finnish phone manufacturer Nokia is really late to the touchscreen phone market, with their 5800 not really setting the stage ablaze since its release, although it is by no means a major flop, doing quite well in certain markets around the world but never really showing off any capability of going anywhere near the iPhone’s dominance. Well, if at first you don’t succeed, try again – and that’s exactly what the folks at Nokia have done with the new Nokia 5230 – this handset was specially built for those who lead an active life and use their handsets as the main device for music, photos and videos, alongside all their online shenanigans.

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iPhone Ties Most Popular Camera on flickr

The leading photo sharing site,, charts the popularity of the cameras used by its membership. Recently the Apple iPhone has jumped into a virtual tie for first place with the Canon XTi. Furthermore, flickr states on its “Camera Finder” page that it can only detect the camera used about 2/3rds of the time, and that, therefore, cameraphones are under-represented on the graphs. Yikes.

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YouTomb – Um registo dos vídeos removidos do YouTube

Produtoras de cinema, estúdios de animação e grandes companhias discográfcas enviam constantemente pedidos de remoção de vídeos em violação dos seus direitos de autor para o YouTube. De forma a evitar ser inundada de inúmeros processos judiciais, os responsáveis do site desenvolveram uma tecnologia de software chamada YouTube Video Identification que identifica automaticamente todos os materiais potencialmente ilegais e notifica os seus proprietários. Estes podem em seguida remover os items assinalados.

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We were delighted to discover a great place with a wide selection of reusable bags so conveniently named In addition to shopping, grocery, tote, lunch, and other bags, they sell reusable bottles–a sustainbable way to stay hydrated on your trips to and from the market. We like these ACME bags made from recycled PET bottles (left) and durable, lightweight rip-stop nylon (right).

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