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A CSS styled table version 2

In 2005 I wrote an article about styling a table with CSS. After receiving so many requests I finally decided to give in and write another tutorial. Seems like a popular topic and an interesting one to share some tricks on how you can nicely style them. This article is about the proper usage of tables, for tabular data. How you can implement them with accessibility in mind and how to make them appealing for the eye using CSS.


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Who’s Got Style?

With DOM support across all A-grade browsers, many basic (and some complex) interactions can be accomplished with relative ease. Things like adding and removing elements, inserting HTML text, and working with events are now reasonably manageable on a cross-browser basis. There are, of course, some quirks that have to be accounted for, but generally speaking, most things work as you would expect them to. Except for dynamically inserting CSS into your page.


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O futuro do CSS

Muito interessante o artigo que o Andy Budd publicou estes dias. Ele fala sobre o futuro do CSS e de outras tecnologias que o W3C cuida. Ele comenta que em vez de o W3C tentar antecipar o futuro e tentar criar soluções para problemas que talvez teremos daqui alguns anos, ele poderia solucionar problemas atuais que temos ao desenvolver sites. Por exemplo, maiores revisões no CSS.


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