Video Clips from Vanishing Tattoo

One of my favorite tattoo resources is the Vanishing Tattoo, which covers everything from tribal tattooing practices to tattooed celebs. Over a year ago, I recommended the Vanishing Tattoo DVD, a film on the disappearing art of Iban hand tattooing in Borneo. Check out that post to learn more about some of the film’s supercool moments.


[Via Needled]

One thought on “Video Clips from Vanishing Tattoo”

  1. How much is a tatoo?That goes all over the back?I want one with Merlin and a fire spewing dragon on top of a mountain,with a night sky as a background
    Omg…I missed a T in Tattoo…life as I knew it will come to a screeching halt…please help me… 🙂

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